Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Are there any travel deals?

It’s Thanksgiving week and you know what that means — before you can even finish your drumstick, those Black Friday and Cyber Monday “doorbusters” will be there for the taking. This year, instead of rushing out at 4am to grab the latest Bluetooth toaster, why not save your energy and book an incredible getaway.

But with all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday hype — it begs the question: Can you really score a great travel deal? The answer: it all depends on where you’re going.

To figure out which day offers better deals on airfare, we took a deep dive into last year’s data. For each region, we compared the median airfare for 2017’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday to the median airfare for the 3 consecutive Fridays/Mondays before and after each holiday.

Here’s what we learned:

Overall insights

In general, more travelers are searching for trips on Cyber Monday than they are on Black Friday. With good reason. Travelers can expect to find better travel deals on Cyber Monday when flight prices are around 4.1% lower than they usually are for a November/December Monday.

Regions to search for on Black Friday

According to last year’s data, the following regions saw at least a 7% decrease in median airfare on Black Friday: Middle East (prices down 16%), Africa (down 9%), South America (down 7%), Asia (down 6%), South America (down 7%).

Regions to search for on Cyber Monday

Not only did the South Pacific region see the largest jump in search volume (searches were up 131% on Cyber Monday last year), but it also saw the biggest price drops with median airfare down 26%. North America saw price drops of about 4%.

The neutral zone

Despite the increase in demand, travel searches to the Caribbean and Europe were up on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year, these were the only 2 regions where booking one day versus the other didn’t make a big difference. On both days, median airfare remained fairly flat compared to what you’d find on any other November Monday or Friday.

Fresh travel deals

To help you score a great vacation this weekend, we’ve rounded up the top travel deals on the internet for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. From getaways in South America to multi-city European tours, gift yourself an epic holiday trip.

Our top Black Friday travel hacks

  • Packages to Europe are a winning combination. Last year, Europe saw the biggest jump in search volume (up 25%) but flight prices remained flat. According to KAYAK’s data, booking a packaged deal to Europe was 6% cheaper on Black Friday than booking separately. This Black Friday, Gate 1 Travel is offering packages to various cities across Europe starting at $599.
  • Flights to the Middle East saw the biggest price drops. Last year, median airfare to the Middle East dropped 16% — the largest price drop of any region on Black Friday.
  • Score great airfare deals to South America & Africa. Flights to South America & Africa also saw price drops of 9% and 7% respectively on Black Friday.
  • Keep an eye on the airlines –– Norwegian Air will offer 15% off flights for travel between December 10, 2018 and March 31, 2019. And WoW Air wants you to book that Eurotrip, so they’re offering great deals on flights from major US hubs to cities across the pond.

Our top Cyber Monday travel hacks

  • There are deals to be had in the Caribbean. Last year, the Caribbean was among the hottest regions to search for on Cyber Monday with flight searches up 28%. This year, CheapCaribbean.comis offering deals to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, St. Maarten, Turks & Caicos and more, starting as low as $349.
  • Trendsetters and deal hunters alike should head South. The South Pacific region saw the largest jump in search volume (searches were up a whopping 131% on Cyber Monday last year) and the biggest price drops, with median airfare down 26%. This Cyber Monday, Qantas Vacations and Islands in the Sun are offering deals to Fiji & Australia.
  • Las Vegas is always a good idea. The US saw a median airfare drop by 4% on Cyber Monday. This year, Caesars Entertainment will be offering up to 25% off on Las Vegas hotels on or near the strip.

Head here for the top travel deals

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Whatever travel deal you take advantage of this holiday, just know we’re thankful that you choose to search hundreds of sites at once for the best travel deals on KAYAK. Happy Thanksgiving!


KAYAK looked at all domestic and international round-trip flight prices and searches from the US. with search dates of November 24, 2017 (Black Friday) and November 27, 2017 (Cyber Monday) for travel at any time. To make an adequate analysis of savings, KAYAK compared search data all domestic and international round-trip flight prices and searches from the US for 3 Fridays before and 3 Fridays after Black Friday 2017 and for the 3 Mondays before and 3 Mondays after Cyber Monday 2017. All searches were pulled from KAYAK’s internal database looking at median prices.

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